Watapi Coffee


This one's for the culture geeks! Meet Watapi, our local cultural snob. This 100% Arabica coffee comes from the prestigious B.R.Hills in Karnataka, lying 1,200 to 1,300 metres above sea level. This single estate coffee plantation is not just known for its aromatic coffee but is also a wild life sanctuary with the 600 year old “Biligiri Ranga” temple. Epic? Yes, we thought so too.
With such a vivid and colourful historical background, Watapi is our little curiosity creator. Grown in perfect harmony with nature, it tastes clean, a pulpy punch, sweet with a smooth citrus finish. Hints of Cocoa and cinnamon with bright acidity. 
One sip and it gets you peering in to the days gone by, giving you a whiff of your own culture too. 
The thing about Watapi is, that it got us curious enough to learn about single estate coffee culture and start theindianbean.com. So if you're among the few who cannot feed the mind enough, we strongly suggest you pick our snob and get curious!
Coffee Type Single Origin, Washed Arabica
Region Karnataka
Country India
Origin BR Hillsu
Elevation 4,500 ft.
Varietal Selection No. 9
Process Wet

Medium/Cinnamon Roast

Roast Method 

Drum Roasted