Forest Coffee


Our newest joe, Forest Coffee. A 100% Arabica coffee found at 4,500ft above sea level in the wild and splendorous region of the B.R. Hills of Karnataka. This single estate coffee plantation is not just known for its aromatic coffee but is also a wildlife sanctuary with the 600 year old “Biligiri Ranga” temple. From scrub, deciduous, riparian, evergreen, sholas to grasslands, a total of some 800 species of plants are found in the B.R. Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.

With climate that seems to have been designed by the gods, the temperatures are precise for the most wonderfully aromatic coffee to grow. Since the region is mostly hidden under trees and lies at quite an altitude, the coffee is a dark roast with nut, marzipan and hints of cocoa. So what are you waiting for? Get grinding and get a waft of the forest!
Coffee Type Single Origin, Washed Arabica
Region Karnataka
Country India
Origin BR Hills
Elevation 4,500 ft.
Varietal Selection No. 9
Process Wet
Roast Dark Roast
How does it make you feel? Happy!