Monkey (Micro-Lot coffee)

Monkey (Micro-Lot coffee)


We have all wanted to drink and eat coffee like a monkey at one point or another in our lives. Seems a bit far-fetched, right? That’s what even we thought when we first heard of the ‘Monkey Bitten Coffee’. The story is quite interesting, so lend an ear.

It so happens that coffee in the Araku Valley is cultivated in natural forest regions. Being natural and all foresty, there are ample animals inhabiting the region. And thanks to these animals, that we get this exotic coffee to savour. These animals, particularly monkeys, as they swing from branch to branch, pluck a few coffee fruits on their way. They eat the fruit and enjoy their nectar and when they’re done, throw away the coffee seed.These seeds are what we humans, of the higher order, love to grind and make our delicious cup of coffee with. Because the monkey sucks out the nectar and the other goeey things, the seed sits in its mouth for approximately 20-30 minutes, which is the most crucial stage for the coffee to get its flavour. According to the Head at Coffee Board Quality Lab, the enzymatic reaction that happens with the saliva of the monkey with the coffee, it breaks down the acidity, making it very mild and mellow.

Now you know how important monkeys are. Order this delicious, aromatic, sweet cup of coffee and impress your friends with a little help from our forest frolickers.

Our batch of specialty coffee, is indeed treated in a special manner. Instead of having metal heat pass through the beans, we make sure that only clean air and infrared heating elements are used in the process. To make it sound a little more interesting, lets just say we are the new-age-tandoors for roasting coffee.


Coffee Type Single Origin, Arabica, Monkey Parchment
Region Andhra Pradesh 
Country India
Origin Araku Valley
Elevation 2,800 to 4,500 ft.
Varietal Sln 5, Sln 7, Cauvery
Process Wet

Medium/Cinnamon Roast