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INDIAN BEAN WATAPI One of the Perfect Daily Grind team recently ventured to Mumbai and, as usual, I scoured the web & pestered contacts in search of a coffee shop to visit. I couldn’t find a single independent specialty coffee shop and began to feel that the terms “Third Wave” and “Specialty Coffee” hadn’t yet reached India. Surprising news, considering that India has a middle-class numbering around 50 million and is the world’s sixth largest coffee producer (of which 25% is Arabica). So when we discovered “The Indian Bean”, a web-store venture which sources, roasts & delivers (free of charge) single-estate specialty coffee to India’s coffee aficionados – we had to contact them. We emailed the founder, Kunal Ross, and it...

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A taste of India now a few clicks away

My childhood memories of family trips have vivid images of my grandmother stuffing her oversized trunk with various foodstuffs wrapped in bed sheets or towels. Whether it was apples from Kashmir or mustard from Kolkata, she loved regional produce.

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Choose your cuppa coffee carefully: The Mint

Updated: Tue, May 28 2013. 02 47 PM IST A study published in May last year in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that frequent coffee drinkers live longer. Apparently, they have a lower risk of dying from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc., compared to those who drink little coffee or none at all—a good 10-15% lower. That’s great news for coffee enthusiasts. But when experts talk about coffee being good for health (it also helps bring down blood pressure), they are usually talking about a standard cup of coffee with little milk and very little sugar, if at all. They are definitely not talking about the supersized, sweet-as-the-devil mugs filled to the brim with milk foam and cream—what we down...

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