Blends are so has-bean...

August 06, 2015 Kunal Ross

"People are appreciating the complexity of coffee," says Indianbean's boss Kunal Ross, adding that coffee has 1,250 taste notes compared to 350 in wine.

Great Read A coffee culture begins to stir in India

May 15, 2015 Kunal Ross

Three generations of Tarun Cariappa's family have grown coffee on their highland farm in southern India, 38 rolling acres of dark green bushes interspersed with towering jackfruit and mango trees — and the occasional wild elephant. But to that universal question "Coffee or tea?" Cariappa, like most Indians, has always answered, "Tea." "Dad and Mom started their day with a cup of tea," Cariappa said as he surveyed a patch of leafy plants studded with bright-red coffee cherries. "So I've never drunk coffee." Although India has long been one of the world's major coffee producers, the country's name is practically...

bpb Gift Hamper On TV!

October 15, 2014 Aniruddha Sen

bpb is happy to announce that we are the official gift partners for Zee Café’s celebrity talk show, Look Who’s Talking With Niranjan Iyengar, putting together the hamper for them filled with all our favourite treats! See below for the lovely list of vendors we featured in the goodie basket that went out to Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Kajol and others! Tea Trunk Tea With an aim to educate tea lovers across the country about ‘tea as it should be’, Snigdha Manchanda’s teas come in flavours that are anything but usual, and most certainly lovely. We love...

We made it to no.4 on the Time Out Guide.

October 02, 2014 Kunal Ross

Coffee Tasting at The Bombay Store Listed by via Facebook Wed Oct 1 2:00 pm to Sat Oct 4 9:00 pm


July 31, 2014 Kunal Ross

INDIAN BEAN WATAPI One of the Perfect Daily Grind team recently ventured to Mumbai and, as usual, I scoured the web & pestered contacts in search of a coffee shop to visit. I couldn’t find a single independent specialty coffee shop and began to feel that the terms “Third Wave” and “Specialty Coffee” hadn’t yet reached India. Surprising news, considering that India has a middle-class numbering around 50 million and is the world’s sixth largest coffee producer (of which 25% is Arabica). So when we discovered “The Indian Bean”, a web-store venture which sources, roasts & delivers (free of charge)...