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Choose your cuppa coffee carefully: The Mint

Updated: Tue, May 28 2013. 02 47 PM IST A study published in May last year in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that frequent coffee drinkers live longer. Apparently, they have a lower risk of dying from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc., compared to those who drink little coffee or none at all—a good 10-15% lower. That’s great news for coffee enthusiasts. But when experts talk about coffee being good for health (it also helps bring down blood pressure), they are usually talking about a standard cup of coffee with little milk and very little sugar, if at all. They are definitely not talking about the supersized, sweet-as-the-devil mugs filled to the brim with milk foam and cream—what we down...

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Coffee Brewing session at Deliciae Patisserie, Bandra, Mumbai

 Details about the workshop:  Date: 18th May 2013 Time: 4.00pm to 7.00pm Venue: Deliciae Patisserie, Hotel Le Sutra, Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai     Entry Fees: Entry Free   About Deliciae Patisserie It is a quaint patisserie cum cafe situated in Bandra and Powai in Mumbai, started out of pure love for cooking and baking by Ms. Bunty Mahajan. This cozy café has a large assortment of exquisite cakes and sinfully delicious exotic desserts. After tasting grand success in Mumbai, Deliciae has now expanded its base to Pune where dessert lovers can savor in the taste of a variety of lip smacking cakes, pastries etc. Deliciae Patisserie is well known for its beautifully designed wedding and 3D cakes.     About The Indian Bean ( travels...

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The man who is promoting Indian Coffee online - Business Standard, 19th January, 2013

 Want to savour a cup of home-brewed coffee, admired across the world, that has been delivered to your doorstep? Kunal Ross’s, a portal for selling coffee online, offers just that. Ross believes that India has a treasure trove of coffee plantations, yet people hardly get to enjoy the produce. “Most of the good quality beans are exported — currently the figure stands at 60-80 per cent. The lack of 100 per cent pure Arabica coffee makes it harder to find the coffee we all crave,” he says. Which is why Ross travelled to the coffee estates of Kodaikanal and Coorg and tied up with farmers to supply him with single plantation beans. In August last year, he began spreading the word across social...

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