Made in India: 25 Indian food brands that are world class!

May 14, 2020 Customer Care

If there was ever a time to go local, it is now. While we’ve been talking about the value of appreciating our home turf for a while now, the closed borders and the lockdown are now making us truly appreciate what we have. Here are 25 stellar made-in-India brands that are helping create employment opportunities for local communities, championing Indian produce, and using sustainable practices to create world-class products.

Roasting at

March 19, 2019 Customer Care

RoastingThe roasting process is what produces the characteristic flavour of coffee bycausing the green coffee beans to change in taste. Unroasted beans containsimilar if not higher levels of acids, protein, sugars, and caffeine as those thathave been roasted, but lack the taste of roasted coffee beans due to theMaillard and other chemical reactions that occur during roasting.We roast with various machines and various metric we stay unique andconsistent. Drum and air roasting, we give you a range through technique.

No Ordinary Bean - Outlook Business

July 27, 2018 Kunal Ross

Another special coffee with animal component is the monkey parchment coffee produced near Araku Valley.

The new food craft By Shillpi A Singh

May 27, 2018 Kunal Ross

A bunch of food craftsmen have taken the Indian palate by storm by redefining the way we eat—by introducing us to artisanal foods. What sets them apart is their dedication to the art and craft of food, making and cooking it in a traditional way using high-quality ingredients, sourced directly from farms and farmers, giving the process its sanctity and working tirelessly to make the final product nothing but a masterpiece.

How better pricing is driving companies to introduce single-origin chocolates and beverages

March 01, 2018 Sanjoy Solomon

Differentiation Matters Kunal Ross, founder of the Indian Bean, another artisanal coffee company, says it is not easy to convince consumers to try these new coffees. “People are used to chicory and instant coffee.” Among its single-origin coffees is the monkey-bitten coffee from Andhra’s Araku valley, where monkeys pick the coffee fruit, eat it and spit the bean out. It is a bit like Indonesia’s kopi luwak, a coffee made from beans sorted from the faeces of the Asian palm civet, a wild cat, whic ..