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  • Don’t go by the name, because this coffee is anything but a mopey little hiding-in-the-corner kind of a frowner! Instead think big-action-hero strong, fruity coffee that can kick butt and how!

    Grown in the splendour known as Kodaikanal, this coffee is grown at 1200 to 1400 metres in the region popularly known as the Pulneys. This coffee is grown on a single estate farm interspersed with fruit trees like Avocados, Jackfruits, Oranges, Bananas and Berries.

    Get grinding to frown away the blues with the Frowner!


    Coffee Type Single Origin, Washed Arabica
    Region Tamil Nadu
    Country India
    Origin Pulneys
    Elevation 4,500ft
    Varietal Selection 9
    Process Wet



    Dark/American Roast

  • 350.00

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