Malnad Coffee

Malnad Coffee


Somewhere over the Sahyadri mountain range, lies a region, Malenadu. Covering the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats in the Karnataka region of South India, this blend is what we like to call classic south Indian filter coffee.

 Malnad is a toasty concoction of specially selected washed Arabica, Natural Arabica and Natural Robusta beans. These beans are carefully roasted to give you a sweet, caramelized sugar and Glucose biscuit like flavour with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Brew it the way our friends down south do it, with a classic south Indian filter and served with milk.

p.s. Our South Indian filter blend has been blended by our very own Indian Barista Champion, Gautam!! This blend consists of pure coffee and designed to taste best when it is brewed best using traditional method of drip or hot water brewing.


Coffee Type Region specific blend
Region Karnataka
Country India
Origin Northern Karnataka 
Elevation 3,000 ft.
Varietal Washed & Natural Arabica and washed Robusta
Process Wet and Dry 

Medium to Strong 


Dark/American Roast