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Coffee and a Story!

The Indian Bean   The Indian Bean travels around the countryside in search of Indian coffee beans, building a community that supports indigenous and socially conscious farming practices. The Indian Bean is single origin, from one farm/ estate and is the pouring brand in Leaping Windows in Mumbai , Daddy’s Deli in Bengaluru and a few other coffee shops across India.   Coffee Varieties   Appa: Washed Arabica from Coorg Malnad: A roasted mix of Arabica, Natural Arabica and Natural Robusta Forest Coffee: 100% Arabica from deep in the BR Hills, Karnataka Kaldeva: From Kaldevapura estate in Baba Budangiri, Karnataka Frowner’s: From the Pulney’s region of Kodaikanal   Price range: Rs 270 to Rs 450 for 250 gm; the brand...

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We tried all kinds of coffee, so you could have only the best! There is a special kind of joy to be found in starting the day with the scintillating aroma of coffee wafting through the house, promising that perfect cup of joe, with just the right flavour and body to make you feel like you can conquer the world — even the Monday ahead of you. We understand how special that feeling is and how hard to come by it can be. Hence, we tasted all the homegrown gourmet coffee we could lay our hands on (no mean feat) and learned many interesting stories along the way. Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Flying Squirrel The...

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Ahead of International Coffee Day, we trace its journey

Hobson-Jobson, the 1886 Anglo-Indian lexicon explains ‘coffee’ as derived from the Arabic ‘kahwa’ (originally used to refer to wine). India’s connection is interesting: in south India, coffee was introduced by a Muslim pilgrim named Baba Budan. According to folklore, the pilgrim smuggled seven seeds out of Mecca (in the 17th century), and planted them on the Chandragiri hills (now named Bababudangiri in Chikmagalur, Karnataka). Today, coffee machines may be de rigeur at every office pantry, but the earliest adopters were south Indian households. Filter coffee was about brewing ground coffee beans using a traditional filter. Entrepreneurs from Udupi in Karnataka, who went on to set up Udupi restaurants in Mumbai, listed ‘strong filter coffee’ as a staple item. By the...

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