Monkey Parchment Coffee
Monkey Parchment Coffee

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Monkey Parchment Coffee

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Monkey Parchment Coffee is prepared from the beans of Arabica Coffee fruits that were half-eaten and spat out by Rhesus Monkeys.

When the monkey moves around in the forest through the coffee plantations, it plucks the ripest coffee fruits to relish using the highly developed olfactory system. It leisurely chews the outer layer and sucks all the pulpy content of the fruit. While this whole process is going on, the coffee beans undergo the crucial transformation reacting with an enzyme called amylase in the monkey’s mouth, giving us a coffee with unique taste notes. Then the coffee beans are spat out, which are of no use to the monkey. 

The spat out coffee beans are carefully collected from the forest floor, handled & processed precisely to offer the coffee lovers a truly unique coffee. 

Coffee Variety





2500-3500 msl


Natures wonder

Roast Level

Medium Dark

Cupping  Notes

Bold & flavourful cup, Citrus & Chocolaty with an aromatic finish.