Indian Civet Coffee

Indian Civet Coffee

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Indian Civet Coffee is prepared from the beans of Arabica Coffee fruits, which underwent Natural Fermentation in the stomach of Indian Palm Civet.

Indian Palm Civet is a shy, solitary and nocturnal forest animal that freely prowls in the coffee plantations at night. In the harvest season it uses the highly developed olfactory system to savour the ripest coffee fruits. The coffee fruits get digested while passing through the digestive tract of the Indian Palm Civet and the beans are left undigested. These undigested beans undergo natural fermentation in the Civet's stomach, giving the coffee a Smooth Body, Uniquely Delicate Flavor and Mellow Taste.

The dropped coffee beans are carefully collected from the forest floor, handled & processed precisely to offer the coffee lovers a truly delightful coffee.


Coffee Variety





2500-3500 msl


Natures wonder

Roast Level

Medium Dark

Cupping  Notes

Robust flavoured, Earthy aroma, Full bodied with nuances of chocolate and sugar.