Frowner's Exclusive

Frowner's Exclusive


Imagine lush green mountains, fresh water springs and the clouds…perfection isn’t it? This is what Frowner's Exclusive is all about. Grown 4500 meters above sea level, in the splendorous region of Pethuparai, just 15 kms. from Kodaikanal, lies the quintessential 27 acres of coffee estate that is home to a whole lot of exotic fruits, spices along with Rosewood and Oakwood trees. With nature blessing it with abundant love and care, the region is perfect to grow organic coffee that is rich, slightly nutty with a smooth finish.

So what are you waiting for? Get grinding to beat the blues, one sip at a time!

Our batch of specialty coffee, is indeed treated in a special manner. Instead of having metal heat pass through the beans, we make sure that only clean air and infrared heating elements are used in the process. To make it sound a little more interesting, let's just say we are the new-age-tandoors for coffee roasting.


Coffee Type Single Origin, Washed Arabica
Region Kodaikanal 
Country India
Origin Tamil Nadu 
Elevation 4,500 ft.
Varietal Selection No. 9
Process Wet, 36 hours fermentation 



Dark/American Roast