Coffee Explorer - 3 month subscription Pack


Running out of coffee is a nightmare, and who better to understand that than us!
That is why we get you bundled up joy of 3 coffee variants, that will keep you going for at least 3 months! (that is if you also survive on other food groups). The coffee will reach you on the same date for the next three months of your purchase and save you the hassle of re-ordering. 
The subscription pack does not just get you three of your favourite variants, but also lets you choose the order in which you would want to sip it. For instance if you would love Malnad on the first month, then we roast that first for you, followed by the other two variants of your choice. If you have any further requests, you could write it down in our note section when ordering. 
This way you get fresh coffee minus all the hassle.
 So go ahead, order up!
  • Delivered: Every one, two or three Months. You could also order the coffee every 2 weeks. 
  • Payment is being made for 3 coffees at a time. All Inclusive.