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The Rajes family produces some of India's finest specialty coffee, and from their lush plantations consisting of several remarkable estates, we have coffee from their two best estates (it's true). The much loved Moganad Estate, and the hidden gem, the gorgeous Hidden Falls Estate. We have had these two coffees for a while and they've both been much loved by us and everyone had the pleasure of getting to know them better! One fine winter evening, while we sat beside these two coffees, listening to some vintage Rock n' Roll, we wondered what it would be like to get the clean crispness of the washed Moganad and the Juicy fruitiness of the Naturals Hidden Falls! So, with little better to do, we did it, we blended these two yummy coffees, and god we tasted berries for days on end! And was it merely fate, or a coincidence that while we sat dizzy consuming this blend, the Godfather of groovy, funky Rock n' Roll Chuck Berry was playing in the background? We think not! This super cool, funky, innovative blend is Jam-packed with flavor, brightness, acidity, a lingering aftertaste that'll have Beethoven Rolling Over!