Hidden Falls Estate

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Hidden Falls Estate

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"Part of MSP Coffee’s fabulous plantations, the Hidden Falls Estate gets its name from a picturesque waterfall hidden away in the middle of the farm, that can be heard all over! Exotic trees like Durians, Mangosteen, Nutmeg, mandarins grow here, alongside the gushing mountain stream that runs through it. The cherries for this special process naturals have been picked at full ripeness when the cherries are at their sweetest, they have then been specially fermented for 48 hours to enhance it’s intrinsic fruits notes. The coffee was then slow dried over 24 days!
This lot was curated for and was headed to a roastery overseas, but as luck would have it, (with some cajoling) Navin let us have a small lot of this gorgeous coffee! We have roasted this on the lighter side of a medium which brings out the sweetness, and the acidity to its fullest.


Elevation: 3900 ft.

Varietal: SL795, SL5A, SL5B

Processing: Naturals (Special Process)

Roast: Medium Light

Tasting notes: Raisins, Berries, jammy