Roasted beans colour of frowners and air roasting

Frowners' Coffee, Air roasted, Pulneys

Many of our customers have asked why the colour of Frowner's coffee varies in one batch. First we should explain the air roasting process and then 2 reasons why the change in colour: 

The Air Roasting Process

  • Suspend the beans by roasting them on a bed of 680 degree hot air called the fluid bed (the fluid bed is a vortex inside of the roasting chamber.  The vortex allows each individual bean to be roasted evenly and to perfection.)
  • When the coffee beans pop and crack during air roasting, a skin on the beans called the chaff is blown away from the beans and into a separate chamber (this is important because if the chaff stayed on, it would burn and smoke, giving the coffee a somewhat bitter, smoky flavor that would mask the natural flavor of the specific bean)
  • The heat of air roasting is evenly distributed throughout the entire batch of coffee beans

1. As this is a single estate coffee the bean size varies 2. The moisture content in the bean is one of the factors that allow the coffee to roast during that time. Frowner's is one of those coffees that give you a clean finish and a absolutely rich taste and this mix or blend of Arabica beans gives us the uniqueness and richness that our customers want. 


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