Brew Project at Times LitFest

It's lit! Legit! Legitimately lit! We went to the literature festival and in addition to the itch for aliteration we had the pleasure of serving up the new Watapi, Kaldeva and espresso brews to authors, readers and Bandra folk alike. 

We also poured our heart and passion over at The Vintage Garden, serving up traditional hot filter kaapis and pourover coffee

Well you missed out on the events, but you are in for a treat with the new Watapi.

Hot Mocha Recipe
Hot mochas were flying off the shelves. We literally had to call in the wizarding crews and handle them like pixies. So we thought a good treat for the wintry days ahead would be a delicious hot mocha recipe that gives you the two most favourite things you desire - chocolate and coffee. 

You can use any kind of chocolate powder or crushed dark chocolate of your choice for this, and we recommend Bullet, Watapi or Kaldeva for the coffee
  • 1.5 tsp chocolate powder or crushed chocolate mix
  • Sugar as desired
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • Espresso shot 
Add in the chocolate powder, heated milk and sugar together and stir like you mean it.
Add the shot of espresso.

Drink up. If you're making this with drip coffee or French Press, adjust the amount of coffee powder added (a little more if you want a good strong coffee flavour) along with the cocoa. 
"Very fresh. Appealing aroma. Nutty aftertaste. Highly recommended!" says Pankaj about Kaldeva coffee.

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