Waking up to real coffee

Kunal Ross, co-founder of Theindianbean.com, an online single-origin coffee brand based in Mysuru and Mumbai, too has tried to ease the process of extracting a good cup of coffee. “Early last year, we launched the cloth filter to go with our coffee. It is super-quick and portable. All one needs to do is take one tablespoon of coffee and pour 150ml of water over it. After steeping in a vessel for 2-3 minutes, strain it through the cloth filter,” he says. This has reduced the brewing time drastically.

Both the single-serve capsule coffee machines and the cloth filter offer ease of use and cleaning, making them attractive to customers—mostly well-travelled, working professionals from double-income family groups. “There is such a variety (of things) that you can do with the Bonhomia machine,” says Gurugram-based Gurbani Singh, co-founder of Bonjour Chocolates. “I just keep it stacked in one corner and you can opt for a cold coffee or an espresso at any given point of a day. Even a layman can use it.”



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