BrewProject at Nariyal Paani.

The Sherp takes you on a magical journey with Nariyal Paani. Sit back, relax and let your mind wander the shores of Alibaug as you take a trip by the sea….

The third edition of Nariyal Paani is set in the scenic beauty of a place that’s just a short boat ride away from Mumbai. Exclusive to the T! Walk the secluded shores of Alibaug’s Morapada beach, just 20 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, as you explore this fascinating festival.

Start your journey with a melodic trip aboard the special ‘Nariyal Paani Boat’ as Neel Adhikari (of Neel & The Lightbulbs) will be playing a live acoustic-electro set, along with Zico, as you sail away to the stunning destination. This special ‘Nariyal Paani Boat’ will leave Gateway for Mandwa Jetty at 11:30 am sharp on the 21st. The boat ride is free but it’s also on first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to not miss it. 

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