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Ditch those instant coffee packets. Three new websites are bringing gourmet coffee right to your doorstep.

“Nearly 80 percent of India's coffee bean produce is exported every year, and finding good quality coffee is very difficult,” says Kunal Ross, a former hospitality and advertising professional and the man behind indianbean. com, the country’s first coffee delivery website. Ross, who launched the website in October last year, travelled across coffee plantations in south India before tying up with single estate plantations in Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu, and Coorg, in Karnataka. Single estate coffee, much like single malt whisky, is grown in one estate and has a distinct character. At present, Ross has three varieties in his portfolio: Appa’s from Coorg, Kodaikanal’s Frowner’s and Watapi, from BR Hills in Karnataka. While all the coffee he sources is shade-grown, they have varying degrees of organic practices. “The manure and canopy also play a very important role in defining flavour. While some of the estates choose to stay away from chemical fertilis-ers and pesticides, it is not always feasible as it affects produce quantity,” says the 32-year-old. While Appa’s (referred to as the ‘baap’ of all coffees in India) is a certified non-organic variety, Frowner’s is a non-certified, organic coffee with a fruitier hue to its taste. And Watapi is just pure Arabica goodness. The beans are roasted as per requirement in Mysore and delivered across the country. Ross, who claims to sell about 80 kg of coffee a month, also plans to tie up with cafes and watering holes. A 250gm pack of Appa’s cost Rs 270, while Frowner’s is priced at Rs 350. Watapi is tagged at Rs 450 for a 250gm pack. 

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