MB Recommends: The Indian Bean, Mumbai Boss, 2nd October, 2012

If you’ve been whining about the limited number of local coffees in the market then you might be pleased to hear of The Indian Bean. This month-old online coffee store, run by an advertising executive who wishes to be anonymous, sells single-estate coffee, that is, unblended coffee sourced from individual estates. “Indian coffee is one of the better coffees in the world and like a lot of our produce, coffee too gets exported and we miss out on the good stuff,” said the founder. At the moment, the store has two varieties: Appa’s, a coffee from a farm in Coorg, and Frowner’s, which is from the Pulney Hills in Kodaikanal. We sampled Appa’s and found it to have a wonderful flavour—mildly spicy with a pleasant bitterness. Another endearing feature of this coffee is the gentle way in which it dispels mid-day drowsiness as opposed to coffees that rudely shock you into wakefulness. Rs270 for 250 grams of Appa’s; Rs350 for 500 grams of Frowner’s. Buy them online at TheIndianBean.com.

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