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Coffee for everyone - Delivery in MUMBAI ONLY

Frowner’s Coffee 250 grams

Price: INR350.00


Don’t go by the name, because this coffee is anything but a mopey little hiding-in-the-corner kind of a frowner! Instead think big-action-hero strong, fruity coffee that can kick butt and how!

Grown in the splendour known as Kodaikanal, this coffee is grown at 1200 to 1400 metres in the region popularly known as the Pulneys. This coffee is grown on a single estate farm interspersed with fruit trees like Avocados, Jackfruits, Oranges, Bananas and Berries.

Get grinding to frown away the blues with the Frowner!

About Us

We believe that this country has some of the best coffee estates in the world, and we’re a bit put off by the fact that most of us never get a chance to taste all that great coffee, which is exported to the far corners of the world. Click on the About Us page to know how we help bring the Indian coffee to us!

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How to brew

Why wholesome sourcing from Single Estate farms? Because it is distinct and holds a character in itself. Click on the How To Brew? page to know more about brewing  your own coffee and defeating the insolent packages of muck that you just stirred in to your cup!

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