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Appa’s coffee 500 grams

Price: INR506.00


We thought a lot about what to call this coffee when we first got it – it definitely has a character of its own, and quite a strong one at that. Much thought and deliberation led to a name that gives the coffee what it deserves: respect. Meet Appa.

Delightful and uncomplicated by nature, Appa hails from the single estate farm of Coorg, where endangered Malabar Squirrels and flocks of migratory and native birds nestle comfortably. The estate is in close proximity to reserve forests, where the wild things are that love the coffee, and regularly drop by for a nibble or two of the good Indian bean! The family that owns and runs the estate are a third generation enterprise with socially responsible cultivation practices – and, of course, great coffee.

Our Appa doesn't talk much – but it makes sure it’s heard. A little mellowowness, loads of richness, and a tinge of spice make Appa the stuff of lifelong memories. We’ll have it ground to your preference and roasted to an aromatic flavour all you have to do is pour yourself a cup that invites the coffee connoisseur in you to sit up and take notice.

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We believe that this country has some of the best coffee estates in the world, and we’re a bit put off by the fact that most of us never get a chance to taste all that great coffee, which is exported to the far corners of the world. Click on the About Us page to know how we help bring the Indian coffee to us!

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How to brew

Why wholesome sourcing from Single Estate farms? Because it is distinct and holds a character in itself. Click on the How To Brew? page to know more about brewing  your own coffee and defeating the insolent packages of muck that you just stirred in to your cup!

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