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The Pearl Mountain Estate has been growing coffee in India since the 1920s when Shivappaiy Patre bought 300 acres on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats mountains. The same family manages the estate today. These hills are called the Bababudan range and is home to the finest mountain grown Indian Arabica coffee.

The Patre family is extremely quality conscious. The coffee is grown under shade trees midst pepper vines and cardamom groves. The carefully picked cherries are sorted prior to pulping, fermented between 42 and 72 hours and hand-washed in water from clear mountain streams.

Coffee Type Arabica
Region Karnataka
Country India
Origin Chikmagahur District - Western Ghat Mountains
Elevation 1200-1500m
Varietal Plantation AB
Process Wet

Medium to Dark

Roast Method 

 Air Roaster