Indian Bean @ Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows: Coffee served: Frowner’s Manga. Comics. Coffee.  Holy Leaping Windows, Batman! It's a comic book haven in the middle of Mumbai and B'lore. Check out our friends at Leaping Windows who have been delighting customers with ample graphic novels and manga and who have mastered the art of preparing The Indian Bean's single origin coffees in modern and indulgent ways. "I had seen pictures of this place ... i was totally excited. It's really different & innovative in its menu styles. I ordered a salted caramel cappuccino and it wasperfect till the last drop. I read Archie's and this place took me back into my childhood days. I would love to visit again for salted caramel cappuccino." - Hiral Chinoy, onZomato. 

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The Dark Brew, History of Coffee in India.

Coffee, for everyone. There is a comic description of how they sell coffee in south India: The vendor holds a jug high up in one hand with the cup down below in the other – a distance of over three. He pours the coffee into the cup, then back into the jug, then back into the cup - a couple of times of this back and froth, before he offers it to his customer.

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