The Weekly Bean, November Processing

November 21, 2016 Pratik Patil

Let's get into processing. Nothing beats the blues like process. Oh, you thought all coffee roasters were hipsters who just did things spontaneously? That's partially true but there's a method to our deliciousness. 

Wet Processing Coffee
The processing of coffee that we're referring to is that bit of work required to get coffeefrom cherry to seed. The roasting comes after and the delivery and grinding is the final step.  

ICYMI or have been living under a rock, coffee beans are the seeds of coffee cherries. These cherries grow on trees and for the most part, people pick them by hand when they are ripe.  The cherries consist of a skin, pulp, shell, silverskin and the seed or coffee bean. The goal is to get to the coffee seed. 

There is not going to be a surprise quiz about any of this so you can just take in the knowledge and get a deeper appreciation of the process of making a great cup of coffee.

In the pulped natural method, the skins are removed from the cherries with a pulper. It squeezes the cherries between two metal, pebbled rollers, popping the slimy seeds out of the tough skins.

Now, in wet processing, the seeds with mucilage go into a fermentation tank as seen above. Once this part is done the coffee is put on raised beds to dry allowing for air-flow above and below the coffee, producing a higher quality of coffee.

After the mucilage is fully dry, it is run through a huller, which takes off the dried mucilage and parchment. After this, the roasting process begins.

Phew. Now that you know how it's made, go ahead and savour the fruit of hours of labour in your cup this morning.

Conquering Tastebuds is Malnad
We had a great time brewing coffee at Kitsch Mandi Mumbai this weekend. On the menu were coffee granitas and good old strong filter coffee for the aficionados using Malnad coffee, which was a big hit with the crowds.

We've gotten hugs, high-fives, free food and eye popping nods of approval for Malnadand we don't want you missing out on this roast. In case you forgot, Malnad is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with tasting notes of Gluco-G biscuits. If you couldn't come to the event in Mumbai, that's OK. Make yourself a cup of Malnad at home while wearing sunglasses and listening to some jamming tunes. 
"Great Coffee. Thoroughly enjoying the Malnad coffee. It is dark roasted and therefore my cappuccino coffee in the morning is very re-vitalising," says Mayurika about Malnadin her 5-star-review.

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