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December 07, 2016 Pratik Patil

Choose The Right Coffee Bean

  • Dec 6, 2016

Coffee drinking is changing in India. It is no more an Italian thing when it comes to artisan coffee or speciality coffees. Indian consumers are catching up with their international counterparts in taking coffee drinking to a new high. Millennials today question about the origin of the coffee bean and the brewing techniques used. though it is still a niche segment and only a selected few are interested it is matter of time this trend will catch up.

Do it Yourself (DIY) is the way of live today, when it comes to coffee its no exception. Looking for good single origin or shade grown coffee bean and that too roasted as per your choice is a rare combination to get. In search of such options we landed in Indian coffee bean. This is exactly what they can offer to you.

The Indian Bean Promises - We Roast And Grind Our Coffee To Suit Your Needs, Particularly Your Brewing Needs

Impressed with their commitment to serve the best coffee bean we reached out to speak to the team behind this innovative initiative. Their knowledge and passion towards what they say and deliver is second to none.

Speaking about their process in The Indian Bean, they say "We source our coffee from farmers across India with a lot of care. We roast these coffees after many trials, pack and grind them according to your needs." Single estate coffee and Single origin coffee are our usp.

We are a company that commits to sustainable farming. We use free trade practices, source coffee directly from farmers and sell it straight to you thereby slip the blushing bean away from the grasp of the exporter.

Indian bean gives interesting flavours and varieties to purchase from their online stores. More interestingly you can read through exact details about the pack of coffee powder which reaches you. A great amount of details are given about the quality, method of growing beans. Wealth of information than you usually expect.

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