7 Indian Brands That Let You Order Freshly Ground Coffee In An Instant

December 04, 2017 Kunal Ross

 08/09/2016 6:36 PM IST | Updated 15/09/2016 10:32 AM IST

The Indian Bean

Frowner coffee pulneys

Source: The Indian Bean

Coffee beans from Coorg and Kodaikanal are carefully packed into little pouches, custom-ground and delivered to you from The Indian Bean. The Appa's Coffee seems built for a classic filter brew, while we like the Watapi variety for a good mug of black coffee. They also offer Monkey Bitten Coffee, which as the name suggests involves some simian mastication of the beans. You can sign up for a three-month subscription service as well, so you'll never run out.

Price: ₹240 upwards
Contact: +91 9538015566, +91 9820745916

To order online, click here
Find them on Facebook here
Check out their website here


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