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I had gone to Bilgiriranga Hills a few hours from Mysore and spent a few days there with the planter.. this is where I fell in love with coffee and felt I should be part of this journey called coffee. A very important thing it taught me was was not everything needs to be in higher yield especially if you are considering the environment around you. We can all have less?

After my hotel management and many years working I got so engrossed with coffee and I learnt everything on the internet and then did a few courses in Bangalore and simultaneously started

Post these last month's and the pivot or perish situation, we realised that we initially wanted everyone to come together for a good cup of coffee and be more involved. And hence we have tweaked things a bit and become a hub for all things coffee.

Another fascinating thing - was about convenience and the whole slow food movement. The definition that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, typically using high-quality locally sourced ingredients.

In India luckily we still are very home grown but quickly moving away country and culture. We should really moving away and not closer to just consuming food but know how ingredients really works and where it is from because it really does affect everyone. This will help us appreciate things alot more.

Sooo, back to our ingredient. Coffee. Yes it's a process. Which we love by the way. And thousands of us do. And we get it in our area.

We will be talking about brewing and how to extract the best out of this bean. We will hopefully introduce you to some new coffees and techniques that might help and alot more.

Indian is now a website where we will be housing a variety of fresh and ground coffee, some new and exciting coffee, equipment and gear and alot more from the coffee world.

So joins us, ask your friends to follow and like and we would love to know the things that you'll like to know about coffee whether recipes, process, sourcing or equipment or espresso machines.]]>